Elopement – Secret marriage

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Wedding for two at the castle in Heidelberg

Wedding speaker Ingrid Rupp

Elopement – WHAT? I didn’t know what to think of it for a long time. Elopement means secretly traveling to a place and getting married – just the two of you!

For me a wedding was a celebration with the most important people – until my first experience with it. I was allowed to do my first elopement at the castle in Heidelberg and I am totally thrilled. For some people it’s just the right thing!

A lovely couple from Missouri had a crazy idea and they instructed wedding planner Katrin Schmülling to create an exceptional plan. Katrin packed a several day wedding package with arrival and sightseeing in Heidelberg, romantic highlights and a wedding ceremony at Heidelberg Castle at sunset.

We only started the preparations a few weeks before the event. Katrin booked a house next to the castle with a fantastic and stunning view – the house of the Alte Leipziger Landmannschaft Afrania.

I gave a speech for the wedding couple in perfect time for the sunset. The ceremony was made even more touching by Darling Diane’s live singing.

Wedding celebrant Ingrid Rupp and singer and songwriter Darling Diane.

Dinner for two at the terrace

After the ring exchange, we went into the garden for a glass of champagne. The food was served directly on the terrace by rental chef Annette Popig.

My fun gift

The wedding couple loves to do beer tasting when they are on vacation. I asked them what they do together on special occasions. They answered: We love to enjoy a cheap beer together. So I went to provide them with the beer from my student days: Oettinger! The two were about to set off to visit the Oktoberfest in Munich a few days after their wedding.

As they returned, the bride told me that they enjoyed the Oktoberfest as well as the Oettinger beer: “It tasted delicious!” – I am happy about the compliment.

Naturally, I explained my intention in a welcome letter. Two days prior to the wedding I sent a sealed letter to the couple’s hotel. I wanted them to perfectly prepared for their wedding ceremony. In addition, I had to explain my fun gift for sure!

My conclusion on eloping instead of having a big wedding

My elopment experience surprised all of the attending people  – the couple, photographer, chef, wedding planner and her assistance and myself!

Today I can say from the bottom of my heart: for some people it’s just the right thing. Elopement: YES PLEASE!

The nice pictures in this posting are made by Anna Ziegler.
The rest is from my mobile:-)

Thanks to everybody! Ingrid

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Rednerin Ingrid Rupp
Foto: Dana Rösiger


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